Quick HTML Gallery - Dreamweaver

Quick Gallery is a free Dreamweaver extension. It quickly creates a gallery for your images using an HTML table format. What's nice about this extension is that you can add a text description for each image. If you know basic HTML you can add a header for your gallery. You can also apply style sheet elements to the table for a custom look. Examples of css styled galleries are used throughout this site. Thanks http://www.kaosweaver.com:)

What's Needed?

  1. This is a Dreamweaver plugin so you'll need Dreamweaver, and Extension Manager to install the plugin
  2. Your large photos
  3. Thumbnails of your photos
  4. Quick Gallery instructions and download - http://www.kaosweaver.com/extensions/details.php?id=82

What code does it add?

  • A bit of Javascript
  • An html table containing the Gallery

How does it work?

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Install the plugin using Macromedia Extension Manager
    • If Extension Manager can't install the plugin, you may need to get the latest version
  3. Once installed, it will be located in Dreamweaver - Commands - Kaiosweaver.com - Quick Gallery
  4. Be sure and save your page (Quick Gallery option will be "grayed out" until you save your page)
  5. Open Quick Gallery and:
    1. Choose your thumbnail
    2. Choose your large photo
    3. Add the caption
    4. Repeat as necessary for each photo you want to display