“My Rage Uncaged”

1977 Grand Marquis

  • Video 1 - TNN camera car - driver's view (1.5mb)
  • Video 2 - Back up and hit (1.1mb)
  • Video 3 - The Maalox Moment (1.6mb)

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I was in a Demolition Derby in June of 98 in a 77 Grand Marquis named “My Rage Uncaged”. It had a healthy 460 Engine, a C-6 transmission, a 9” rear end with a mini spool, and 4.86 gears.

The first 2 videos are of my axle breaking hit. I never was a factor after that with only the left rear as a drive wheel.

The car never stopped running. I was up against the wall, my front bumper was knocked off, and I was stuck on it. The left, rear tire had no traction in the mud to get me moving again.

The last video is where I got “The Maalox Moment” for the hardest impact. You can see the hood spring up, and the steam rolling out. Well I did win something, even if it was the Maalox Moment :)